Top Toys for Your Kids to Open at Your Ex’s House on Christmas 2018

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Looking for the list of top toys to give your kids this Christmas? Christmas is just around the corner, and everyone knows certain toys would be better opened anywhere but at your house! Gramma’s house, your ex-spouse’s house, or even your daycare provider’s house…doesn’t matter where, as long as it is not YOUR house!

The following 11 toys are rated the top toys for Christmas 2018. No matter whose home they end up at, one thing is sure…kids love these toys and you’ll be a hit this Christmas! Have fun shopping!

For the Musical Child

Portable Tabletop Electronic Drum Set

Electronic Drum SetDrumsticks included! Your aspiring drummer will love this tabletop drum set that has 70 percussion voices, ten effect voices, and 50 play along songs already built in. This remarkable instrument comes with LED instructions to coach your child through the tune. The sound is so realistic you’ll wonder if he has a full drum set right there in your living room. Click here to add this set to your Christmas gift purchases.

Wooden Xylophone

Wooden Xylophone

This little beauty is perfectly tuned. For your musically inclined child, this is a perfect way for him to jumpstart his music abilities. Colorful and sturdy, it will keep your child entertained for hours without breaking, no matter how hard they swing the wooden mallet. You will hear “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” over and over until they perfect it. It even comes with a Lifetime Warranty! You may be hoping otherwise, but this toy will last forever. Click here to buy. 

Karaoke Machine

Karaoke Machine

Little Pretender karaoke machine comes with two sing-along microphones, flashing stage lights, and pedals for fun musical effects. If you have an aspiring vocalist in the family, this is a perfect way for them to practice their songs with special effects. She’ll have fun for hours, even during nap time! Connecting to your devices will enable singing to all their favorites tunes. Batteries are included so they can start singing right away and not stop until after New Years. Click here to add this to your little singers’ gift pile. (insert link)

Noisy Toys

Bop It

Bop ItBop ItBop It is an old classic, with some new modernized commands. Twist it, Answer it, Selfie it, Drink it, and even more. The commands are random action-oriented moves. It uses motion technology to test players reaction time. It’s a fast-paced game fun for the whole family. This top toy for 2018 offers solo or group mode. For group mode, you compete against each other until there is a winner. It seems easy at first but goes faster and faster. See who has what it takes.

CAUTION: The game can be addicting. You may play the game so long that you’ll be hearing the commands in your sleep. Click here to pick up your Bop-It today! (insert link)

Sound Machine

Sound Machine

16 different sounds are on this little device. Though several reviewers claim to have fun using this in their office, most agreed it was the kids that liked it the most. One person wrote, “If you like juvenile humor, need a little “therapy” from your day, or just want to laugh, you need this sound machine.” Imagine the fun your kids will have cheering, issuing a wolf whistle, or starting a drum roll as Aunt Mable struggles to get the ribbon off her package.  Batteries included. Pick up your sound effects here.

Fart Machine with Remote Control

Fart Machine with Remote Control

We all remember the fun. Planning the perfect hiding place for the fart machine so that when Auntie’s new boyfriend reached for the sweet potatoes, a wet, squeaky one would let loose – loud and clear. Well, this little number is back with 15 new, savory sounds that are sure to bring howls of laughter or stern looks from Grandpa. Either way, whoever gets blamed for cutting the cheese will have almost as much fun as the youngster in charge of the remote.  Pick up your dinner entertainment HERE .

For your Princess

Glitter Princess Cape

Glitter Princess Cape

This stunning little cape is made with “PINK to beat all pink” glittery material. The hood, trimmed with iridescent, fluffy, feathers, is sure to be a hit when your little princess refuses to remove her cape for dinner. If your group is eating turkey, no one will notice a few extra feathers floating about the room. The glitter is sure to show up for months in cracks and crevices to remind you of how special the holidays were for your little princess. You can pick up this top toy here. And it also comes in a soft buttery yellow.

Glitter Princess Cape

My Little Pony Glitter Bracelet Kit

Bracelet Kit

Imagine the fun you’ll have in the kitchen when you combine water, glitter, confetti, and bubble beads to make My Little Pony Bracelets. Any little messes created on the table are far outweighed when you consider the fun kids have when they master their creations. Not for children under three as there are many small parts. Click here to buy this top toy. 

Vintage – Classic Bonding with Dad

Daisy Red Rider BB Gun

Daisy Red Rider BB Gun

This top toy is an old classic that remains true to the original design from 1940. It has been a dream of so many young folks that it has achieved a near legendary rating. “You’ll shoot your eye out” has turned in to “oops – Johnny shot the big screen TV” for some unfortunate parents. With a maximum shooting distance of 195 yards, the lever-cocking, spring air action rifle is sure to enthrall even the novice shooter. Your marksman in the making will amaze you with skill and imagination striking targets you never before imagined. Click here to add the Daisy Red Rider BB Gun to your little shooter’s Christmas collection. 

A Christmas Story DVD

Christmas Story DVD

“He looks like a deranged Easter Bunny.” People have been enjoying this Christmas Classic forever…..and when you own the DVD, you can revisit the leg lamp any time of the year that you like. You can laugh at Rusty’s sidekick Flick when his tongue freezes on the lamp pole. Your dog’s silly antics will seem minor every time you see that turkey vanish off the dinner table with the pack of wild dogs. Who knows? Maybe you’ll start your own tradition of Asian Buffet on Christmas day. Your whole family will be singing Fa-ra-ra-ra-ra for days! This is a classic you need to have in your collection.  Pick it up here.

48 oz Hershey Bar

Hershey Bar

If your little trooper seems a little sluggish, it may be time to add a little caffeine in the form of chocolate. This 3 pound milk chocolate Hershey’s bar is sure to be a hit for the sweet tooth in your family. An excellent supplement might be a 2 liter of Mountain Dew!

In Conclusion…

Many of these top toys for this Christmas are a new twist on an old toy. I have personally seen them in my own house and saw them much loved by my kids over the years. Be sure to find some of the best toys you can give with this list of top toys for Christmas in 2018. And don’t be shy about sending these treasures to someone else’s house.

Christmas Story

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"Don't let anyone rob you of your imagination, your creativity, or your curiosity. It's your place in the world; it's your life.” ~ Dr. Mae Jemison, Engineer, Physician, and NASA Astronaut

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