10 Great New Year’s Eve Decorating Ideas

bucket of champaign and glasses for celebrating New Years EVE

Excited for your upcoming New Years party, but not sure where to start? Check out these tips for great decorating ideas and party accessories you need at your next bash.

Pick a color scheme

Once you decide on a color scheme for your rockin’ New Years party, it will be easier to decide on everything else. We love the classic black, white, and silver or gold. It will definitely be the easiest to find store-bought decor with that theme, but switch it up if you like!

For a sophisticated look, try deep red, navy, and gold. For a quirkier party, go for bright purple, yellow, turquoise, and silver.

Create a place to take photos

Beautiful hipster friends with photo booth props celebrating the end of the year, having a party on New Year's Eve.

“Pics or it didn’t happen” is a real thing.

Give your guests the cutest place to take all the photos. Create a backdrop by hanging a piece of fabric or blanket you already own on the wall. Gather props from things you own, create some, or purchase a set.

Balloons or streamers would also be a fun addition. Your guests will have so much fun, and they’ll have the adorable pictures to prove it! 

Light it up

Mood lighting. It’s important.

And your mood for New Years is par-taaaay! Keep your Christmas lights up indoors, or pick up a mini disco ball.

If you find yourself decorating and feeling like you’re missing something, it’s definitely the lights!

Decorate your guests

Two pretty girls decorated for New Year's Eve.

The decorations shouldn’t stop with the venue.

Make sure your guests are in the spirit with decorations they can wear. Crowns, beads, boas, top hats are not only appropriate– they’re encouraged. Dressing them in New Year’s attired will also give your guests a souvenir to remind them of how much fun they had at your party! 

Check out this list for some festive party accessories for your guests.

Make it sparkly

December should be the official month of sparkle because it’s basically the only month where sparkles aren’t only accepted, they’re encouraged.

Keep that holiday spirit into the new year. Make sure to have a metallic element, whether it’s shimmery streamers, balloons, garland, or confetti. 

The only way to ring in January 1st is with tons of shiny party accessories. 

Don’t forget the outside

The front doorstep of a house decorated with holiday lights.

Just because it will be cold outside doesn’t mean your entryway doesn’t deserve a little sparkle.

Welcome your guests with a festive sign, or a New Year’s themed wreath. Make a statement with a full-blown balloon arch if the weather permits, and you feel so inclined.

Either way, a festive entrance will have your guests ready to party before they get inside the door!

Personalize it

Make your guests feel special with personalized touches using their names.

If you’re having a sit-down dinner, handwrite or print place setting cards in your color scheme. If snacking is more your crowd’s style, create personalized cups or wine glass charms. Guests will be excited to see that they’re not only welcome but a part of the party!

Don’t forget to have blank extras so drop-in guests don’t feel left out.

Eating, but make it classy

Portrait of a beautiful woman sitting during a festive dinner with friends on New Year's Eve

Just because you choose to use paper plates for easy clean up doesn’t mean they shouldn’t match your theme or color scheme. There are limitless options of patterned and solid color paper plates online–same goes for disposable napkins.

Go all out and get theme coordinating plastic cutlery too, because why not?

Confetti: it’s a decoration too

Have a seriously gorgeous celebration with color coordinating confetti. 

But confetti is for more than just throwing. Fill see-through balloons with it before filling with CO2 or helium. Keep the food and drink tables festive by sprinkling a little on the tablecloth or runner.

Make temporary and inexpensive wall hangings by adhering it to canvases that can be stored until your next big party.

Just make sure your handheld vacuum is charged and ready for January 1st.

Champagne showers

Close up of champagne glasses are displayed in a row.

Create an incredible centerpiece by stacking up plastic champagne glasses to create a pyramid. Make it extra pretty by using a platter or charger as a base.

At 11:55, start by pouring the champagne (or sparkling cider) in the top glass and watch it overflow to the bottom tiers like your very own champagne fountain.

Just be sure to give yourself enough time to pass out the drinks and make the toast without spilling!

Party on

Your next resolution should be throwing an incredible party. 

That way, when the clock strikes midnight, you’ll already have accomplished it, thanks to this list of New Years’ party accessories and decor!

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