Best Boots for Your Snow Bunnies

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Winter is upon us, and so is the snow, and the slush, and the sleet, and salt, and the other chemicals on the sidewalks to keep them passable. And lucky you! Your kids’ feet have grown again, and it’s time for new boots! 

We have some reviews and recommendations of some of the best boots for your snow bunnies. We’ll help you get through the winter in style and comfort, with some life left in the boots to pass down to younger siblings, to “boot!”

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These Boots Were Made for Stompin’

Cute  girl dressed in a blue coat and a pink hat and boots, playing in the winter forest

When evaluating kids winter boots, look for three factors:

  1. Waterproofing or water resistance
  2. Warmth
  3. Durability

Wherever there’s winter precipitation, snow boots are essential, and for many kids, they are everyday wear. Some schools require snow boots to play outside in winter. Every kid is different, and some are pickier than others when it comes to their fashion sensibilities and their tolerance to cold. 

With cold winters and heavy snowfall, your kids will need boots that are waterproof and rated for cold temperatures. These boots are not just for show or occasional wear. 

You definitely want them to last through the cold season, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get more than one winter’s use out of them. Whether you buy a roomy size, or you have a younger sibling who doesn’t mind the hand-me-down, sturdy boots last.

Lightweight Boots

Columbia Kids' Youth Minx Slip Iii Snow Boot in grey

Some kids are sensitive to the weight and bulk of winter boots, especially if they feel heavy and clunky.

If your child fits this description, the Columbia Kids’ Youth Minx Slip Iii Snow Boot is an excellent choice. A top name in winter-wear is Columbia, so it’s no surprise that this boot makes our list.

These boots are more fabric than leather and rubber, making them lighter than other boot alternatives. The thin rubber sole still prevents slipping and sliding, though!

The side zipper makes for a great slip, zip, and go. Lace tying won’t cut down on playtime with these boots. 

The faux-fur lining will keep your kiddos nice and warm, while the waterproof, breathable fabric outer shell will keep them totally dry.

So Stylin’ with Oaki

OAKI Kids Snow Boots for Girls and Boys

The OAKI Kids Snow Boots for Girls and Boys is a style reminiscent of the duck boot styles, popular with adults, but with colors that are way more fun.

These boots are waterproof and are rated for -30˚. The simple toggle closure makes sure your little ones can put their shoes on themselves. The laces are secured with durable metal grommets, making the life on these boots last longer than just one winter.

Youth and toddler sizes ensure the whole family will be set for the season with warm and stylish boots.

Ready for All Types of Nasty Weather

Bogs Kids Classic High Waterproof Insulated Rubber Rain and Winter Snow Boot for Boys, Girls and Toddlers

As temperatures are a bit more unpredictable than in previous decades, we have some winter days that start sunny and end with rain or sleet.  The saturated ground can turn to mud in a flash. 

The Bogs Kids Classic High Waterproof Insulated Rubber Rain and Winter Snow Boots look like rain boots but provide insulation to withstand up to -30˚ temps.

The best part about these boots is the easy-grip handles to make it a snap for kids to get them on and off. And, with lots of tread on the rubber soles, your kids will be able to walk through the snow and rain safely.

Cute & Comfortable, Pretty & Powerful

Sorel Snow Commander Snow Boot (Little Kid/Big Kid) in pink and black

Sorel Snow Commander Snow Boot comes in a variety of colors and prints and is a great choice for wet areas like deep snow or the wooded winter wonderland. They have a faux fur lining that keeps the kiddos looking cute and warm.

These are the ideal boot for sledding because of the velcro ankle strap that helps prevent any snow or rain from getting into the boot and keeping them where they’re supposed to be―ON!

The Coolest Boots on the Block

TF STAR Kids Waterproof Warm Comfortable Winter Snow Boots in black and red

TF STAR Kids Waterproof Warm Comfortable Winter Snow Boots are easily the coolest looking boots on this list. Your kids will be so excited to slip these on.

The dual velcro straps keep those little piggies safe inside their boots. The super breathable Nylex lining helps prevent the onset of smelly winter boot syndrome. 

Skid-resistant outer sole and waterproof outer-material make these boots great for so many outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and sledding.

These TF STAR boots are rated to -10 degrees and will protect your babies from those unwanted cold gusts of air all fall and winter long.

Rain, Rain Go Away

MOFEVER Toddler Kids Thermal Rain Boots Solid Color with Buckle in blue space pattern

If it doesn’t snow where you live, the MOFEVER Toddler Kids Light Up Rain Boots are perfect for your little ones.

Not only do these boots come in the most adorable patterns ever, but they light up too. We all know kids love light up boots, making them eager to wear them! The lights are an additional safety measure also, as they make your babies more visible on especially dark and gloomy days and nights.

The easy-on handles are great for kids of any age to put on themselves. Combine that with the lightweight, waterproof material, and you’ve found the perfect rain boots for your kids!

Toughest All-Around Boot

London Fog Boys Cheshire Cold Weather Snow Boot

If you have adventurous kids who play outside a lot throughout the winter, these may be the boots for you. Rugged, with a non-slip sole, lightweight, and waterproof, the London Fog Boys Cheshire Cold Weather Snow Boot is a solid choice for boots for the season.

The classic look with laces and faux fur peeking out the top makes them tough and fashionable at the same time.

Step Out in Style Thanks to Shit Women Buy

Shit Women Buy is a resource for you and your family. We hope you’ve learned a bit about what to look for in children’s boots and have found the perfect pair for your little ones. 

See you in the snow!

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