A Review of Brushopolis Hairbrushes

A set of Monroe Brushes from Brushopolis

Almost everyone owns a hairbrush. But the fact of the matter is that not all hairbrushes are created equally. And we’re here to give you a review of Brushopolis hairbrushes.

When it comes down to it, the health and integrity of your hair is directly impacted by the quality of the brushes you are using.

If you love your hair, the solution is simple: get a killer hairbrush.

Do you know who creates outstanding hairbrushes? Brushopolis, that’s who.

The best is by Brushopolis

A woman using the Monroe Latina Envy hairbrush with a blowdrier

Brushopolis brushes are hairstylist-approved. In fact, these hairbrushes are so amazing they’re even used by celebrity stylists that work in TV and movies.

Brushopolis is committed to creating high-quality brushes out of high-quality components like first-cut boar bristles, ultra cushy handles, lightweight materials, and PolyDynamic High Heat Retention Cores.

If you combine all these things, you get the best hairbrushes you’ve ever used.

The Monroe Prepping Paddle Brush

A review of the Monroe Prepping Paddle Brush by Brushopolis

This Brushopolis paddle brush is where you start in your hair journey.

This hairbrush is perfectly designed for detangling wet and damp hair. Avoid using it on dry hair, though, as it can stretch out your strands.

Start at the bottom of your tresses and work your way up to detangle. It’s an absolute snap to get rid of any unwanted knots with the Monroe.

Once you untangle the ends, you get to experience the best thing about this brush: the heavenly scalp massage.

That’s right; those bristles feel sooo good on your scalp. Not only does it feel good, but it can stimulate circulation on your scalp, encouraging your hair to grow! I don’t know that you’re current hairbrush is encouraging hair growth–just sayin’.

The Monroe Latina Envy Hourglass Oval Styling Brush

a review of the Monroe Latina Envy oval brush

When doing a review of Brushopolis hairbrushes, you have to include this one.

The Monroe Latina Envy brush is a hot pink stunner. 

This patent-pending brush is ideal for super thick, coarse, and curly hair types.

The first-cut boar bristles combined with those white thermal tension quills create perfect tension on your strands, making it so easy to smooth otherwise hard to manage hair.

Create epic volume 40% faster with this brush than with a traditional round brush. Get some of your precious time back every morning by reaching for the Monroe Latina Envy hairbrush by Brushopolis.

The Monroe Etiquette Hourglass Round Styling + Finishing Brush

A review of the Monroe Etiquette Hourglass brush by Brushopolis

The most popular Brushopolis hairbrush is easily the Monroe Etiquette Hourglass.  

Proudly manufactured in the USA, you’ll love what the Etiquette can do for your mane.

The mineral-infused first-cut boar bristles minimize static and help create incredibly smooth strands.

Use this brush to style fine to medium hair and give extra smooth and shine to coarse hair after styling with the Latina Envy.

One of the best features of all Brushopolis hairbrushes is how unbelievably lightweight they are. If you currently use round brushes for styling and finishing your hair, you might think they’re light–but they’re not Brushopolis light.

Lightening the load of a hairbrush is so important. Using a lightweight brush alleviates strain on the wrist and makes doing your hair so much more enjoyable. If you use a Brushopolis hairbrush, your limbs will thank you.

The Monroe Mystique Hourglass Round Styling Brush

a review of the Monroe Mystique Hourglass brush by Brushopolis

If you’re not sure what Brushopolis brush is for you, the Monroe Mystique hairbrush is your best bet. 

You’ll love your results after blowing out your hair with this round brush, Just like all the other Brushopolis hairbrushes, it is crafted out of the very best materials to treat your hair like the crown it is.

The first-cut boar bristle will get your strands sleek and styled. The super cushy, water-resistant handle will give you the optimum grip so that you can avoid any slippery bathroom mishaps.

The Teasedale Classic Brush

a review of the Teasedale Classic teasing brush by Brushopolis

Did you know there’s like a million things you can do with a teasing brush? Okay, well, maybe not a million, but there are at least five things you can do with the Teasedale Classic Brush that aren’t teasing.

Just like the other brushes, this one is crafted out of boar bristles. You can use them to smooth flyaways or create unbeatable volume by gently backcombing your tresses.

The pointed handle is perfect for creating simple or intricate parts effortlessly, and for sectioning hair while you style your hair.

Your hairstyle isn’t complete until you’ve taken a Teasedale to it, let’s be honest.

Let’s wrap it up (with pretty pink paper)

a woman smiling and opening a package

After you order your Brushopolis hairbrushes, they’ll be sent to you with care.

When you open your package, they’re wrapped in bright foiled pink tissue paper and a tag with your name. Each brush has a tag attached to it with a silky soft hair tie. We love the attention to detail.

But more than that, we love Brushopolis hairbrushes, and here’s why:

  • PolyDynamic High Heat Retention Cores increase your dry time by up to 40%
  • Lightweight materials are easy on your hands and wrists
  • Cushioned handles are nice on your hands and help prevent slippage
  • First-cut boar bristles are kind to your hair, distribute natural oils, minimize frizz and add incredible shine
  • Unique oval-shaped barrels mimic the natural shape of the head and give unbeatable tension
  • They’re loved by working and celebrity hairstylists

We hope this review of Brushopolis brushes gave you an idea of why we love them so much.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out Brushopolis and their amazing Monroe Brushes today. You’ll never have a bad hair day again.

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