A Dozen Accessories For Your New Year’s Eve Party

New Year 2019 - Toast With Champagne And Clock

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner! People like to celebrate New Year’s in many ways. Whether you want to get dressed up and celebrate big, or you prefer a more quiet celebration with close friends or family, a New Year’s Eve party is a fantastic way to ring in the new year.

However, planning such a party can be challenging. What do you need to ensure a successful party this New Year’s? Check out this list for some New Years Eve decorating and accessory ideas.

Gold, Silver, and Black Heavy-Duty Plastic Utensils

Heavy-Duty Plastic Utensils

If you are serving food, save yourself some time and a headache by buying these disposable utensils ahead of time. After you have spent all night celebrating you will not want to do dishes. Cleanup is a cinch with these, simply toss them in the trash!

You will 144 pieces: 48 black spoons, 48 silver forks, and 48 gold knives. The color scheme is perfect for New Years. This cutlery is durable and non-toxic. Don’t settle for cheap, white plastic cutlery. Add to the ambiance with this fantastic set. Click here to pick some utensils up for your party!

100 Pack of Plastic Champagne Glasses

Plastic Champagne Glasses

What’s a New Year’s Party without a midnight toast? Check out these plastic glasses to help you celebrate the ball drop. These shatter-proof, durable plastic glasses come in two pieces that are simple to put together. Each glass is four ounces.

Clean up is no problem with these disposable glasses. Even if you don’t need 100 for New Year’s, grab this set, so you are ready for a party anytime. Click here to add these glasses to your cart.

Gold Light Up Fedora Hats

Gold Light Up Fedora Hats

What better way to ring in a new year than with a sparkly gold hat that lights up? With three different light modes and an easy on-off switch, your hat will be the talk of the party! Light up the New Year with this fantastic hat.

Sparkling New Year’s Eve Hat Headband

Hat Headband

This unique and creative headband is an excellent accessory for any New Year’s Eve party. If you want festive headwear that doesn’t cover your hair, check out this awesome headband complete with a black top hat and a feather and ribbon filled bouquet surrounding the hat. One size fits most; it will match any costume or outfit. 

Golden Bonanza New Year’s Eve Party Assortment

 New Year’s Eve Party Assortment


This set of accessories for 100 is a must-have for any party at New Year’s.  You will have enough pieces to invite every friend you have with 51 hats, 51 tiaras, 80 horns, 20 noisemakers, 50 necklaces, 100 serpentine throws, 25 balloons, and one banner! You are ordering a party in a box. Plus, you can choose from a variety of color combinations!

Happy New Year’s Set of 12 Tiaras

Happy New Year’s Set of 12 Tiaras

This set of tiaras is an excellent addition to any party. Each of the twelve headbands is covered in gold glitter and says “Happy New Year” so you will be sparkling all night. The design is made to fit adults and children, so everyone at the party can have one.

Happy New Year Banner

Happy New Year Banner

This banner is the perfect backdrop for pictures at your party.  Each of the ten-inch letters is pre-strung to save you the hassle of organizing and setting up the banner. The reflective letters, covered in gold shimmer, are double-sided so you can hang the letters anywhere in the room. Plus, the gold won’t flake, so you don’t have to worry about an unsightly mess.

Confetti Cannons

Confetti Cannons

This set of twelve confetti cannons is the perfect way to celebrate the ball drop at your New Year’s Eve party. Each popper is a twelve-inch compressed air cannon filled with confetti. The cannons are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. To use, twist the bottom piece and watch the confetti pop.

24 Noise Makers

24 Noise Makers

These silver and gold noisemakers go perfectly with champagne and confetti cannons to celebrate the ball drop! You will receive a mix of silver and gold horns, each beautifully printed with the words “Happy New Year.” The base is sturdy cardstock, and the mouthpiece is plastic. Blowing through the end will make a joyful noise to bring in the New Year.

50 Pack of Gold, Black, and White New Year’s Eve Balloons

New Year’s Eve Balloons

Nothing screams party like a bunch of balloons. These themed balloons tie your event together with the bright colors and “Happy New Year” printed on each in gold. The decoration possibilities are endless, either have free balloons throughout the party, make a column, arch, or bouquet, the choice is yours! The strong balloons will not burst when inflating.

2019 Golden Mylar Balloons

2019 Golden Mylar Balloons

No New Year’s Eve party is complete without the giant 2019 balloons. You can choose from a variety of colors to match your theme. Each mylar balloon is 42 inches when filled. The balloons are made from food-grade material and are safe and non-toxic.

Gold Sequin Photo Backdrop

Gold Sequin Photo Backdrop

The gold sequin backdrop is a fantastic background for any picture area or photo booth you set up. The handmade backdrop is an incredible shiny gold that sparkles and compliments any photo booth props and outfits. Choose from a variety of sizes to fit whatever area you have available.

New Year’s Eve Photo Booth Props

New Year’s Eve Photo Booth Props

No photo booth is complete without a set of fun photo booth props! In this impressive collection is 32 pieces of glittery and festive designs for every fun picture to celebrate the New Year. From wine glasses to fireworks to champagne to crowns to beards, every prop you need for fantastic photos, this set has everything you need.

Meteor Shower Tubes, set of 10

Meteor Shower Tubes

These light decorations will make any New Year’s Eve party spectacular. These super bright LED chips are 360 degrees of light to create a fantastic atmosphere. Hang these inside or outside and enjoy the meteor shower-like effect of falling lights. Each strand is in a transparent tube to create a beautiful effect. In each package is ten tubes with 54 lights each.

To Sum It Up

So, there you have it. Everything you need to party like it’s 1999, just add 20 years. From balloons to photo booth props to glasses and utensils, this is everything you need for the perfect New Year’s Eve party.


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"Don't let anyone rob you of your imagination, your creativity, or your curiosity. It's your place in the world; it's your life.” ~ Dr. Mae Jemison, Engineer, Physician, and NASA Astronaut

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