hiding money under a mattress instead of using a diversion safe

Hiding Stuff? Try a Diversion Safe


Hiding Stuff? Try a Diversion Safe. In 2019, hiding valuables in a bulky, conspicuous safe is firmly a relic of the past – relevant only for bank tellers and heist movies. According to the Chicago Police Department, burglars tend to [Read More]

Survival Countdown Image

What to Pack in Your Bug Out Bag


Emergency Preparedness Series This Bug Out Bag article is the 3rd in a series of emergency preparedness articles. If you haven’t already read the other two, you may want to go back and look at the recommendations so you’ll be [Read More]

Best Gifts for Grads


Every spring, I look forward to celebrating graduation. The cap and gown, the Graduation March, the exciting buzz of the unknown future ahead of the students, it can be an emotional time for anyone. My favorite part is the sense [Read More]

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