7 Fun Halloween Yard Decorations

For those of us who love the fall, bringing out the Halloween yard decorations is always a fun day. But sometimes it’s necessary to update the decorations and refresh the fun.

Remember the flying witch you had on the side of your house for several years? By now her cape is a bit tattered, and the broomstick is bent from being shoved in the storage box.

And the sack of bones that turned into a skeleton, reaching out of the grave ready to snatch any passerby is now missing a femur bone. Fido grabbed it and buried it in the neighbor’s compost pile.

Why not start fresh this year and add a few items to give your yard a whole new look. I’m recommending seven new Halloween yard decorations for you to check out.

It’s time to spruce up your fall yard “attire.” And have lots of fun doing it too! (While we are talking about my favorite fall holiday, take a minute and check out these Superhero Costumes). 

Wicked Witch Of The East Legs

Who doesn’t like Ruby Slippers? Make your house or garage look like it was the one that landed on top of this badass witch. Those striped stockings and shoes are 18” long – the perfect size to accent a little corner of your house or garage. You’ll get more than a one-second glance and lots of smiles at this one.  

Maybe the Wizard of Oz isn’t a Halloween movie, but when the kids come to your house for trick-or-treating and see those legs sticking out, they are all going to wonder if there’s something they don’t know.

All you need to do now is dress up like the Tin Man or Dorothy to hand out treats, and you’re all set for the evening.  How fun is this addition to your Halloween yard decorations!

Click Here to buy your very own set of striped witch legs for your front yard!

Lighted Witch Hat

Sometimes Halloween Yard Decorations look pretty lame during the day, but that’s not the case with this fun witch hat that stands 24 inches high and looks festive even during the daylight hours.

The hat is on a stake so you can place it anywhere an extension cord will reach and at night, let this funky hat light up your yard.  

BONUS: This is a new Halloween yard decoration this year, so not everyone on the block will have the same thing.  Another bonus – it comes in the orange as shown, but you can also get it in purple.

Click Here and check out this festive Lighted Witch’s Hat to add to your collection.

Mega Spider Web

If you are going for a bit more creepiness, check out this Mega Spider Web. There’s even a nasty (but soft) black spider you can put in the web. If you have ever seen Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets, you know precisely how horrifying a gigantic spider can be!

But I promise this one doesn’t have a taste for flesh. You can quickly move it from one location to another without putting yourself at risk.

Click Here to pick up your gigantic spider web for your family Halloween yard decoration.

Black Cat Pumpkin Holder 

Instead of carving all your pumpkins and lining them up on the front step, save just one for this super fun black cat pumpkin holder. Its eyes even light up at night! This one might look good lurking out from behind a tree or standing in the nearly spent flower gardens.

Halloween isn’t complete if you don’t have a black cat in your life. And if you don’t want to care for one year round, this one will make your fall much more pleasurable because no feeding is required.  

Click Here to own your very own black cat. You don’t even need to pick up fresh litter for this Halloween yard decoration.

Inflatable Halloween Pumpkin Patch

Sometimes you don’t want anything fancy. A simple line up of 5 inflatable pumpkins that light up at night is just the thing to let the neighborhood know that the Halloween spirit is alive and well at your place.

It will inflate automatically, and the set up comes with stakes to secure it from fall winds. The jack-o-lanterns are friendly in appearance so no nightmares if you have little ones.

Click Here to add a maintenance free pumpkin patch. These pumpkins don’t even need carving! Just plug in, and they are ready to go.

Skeleton Halloween Yard Decoration 

This dude is just too fun not to have in your yard. He wears a mask and a cape and is lit from the inside, so he’s delightful at night. He stands 24 inches tall and is quite durable so you’ll enjoy him for years to come.

There are three other similar decorations made in the same style as the skeleton, so if you’d rather, you could choose a bat or a mummy.

So many Halloween yard decorations are cumbersome to store, but this little guy has a slender profile, so storage is rather easy.  

Click Here to own this fun and festive lighted skeleton for your Halloween yard decorations.

“Yes, I Drive A Stick” Garden Flag

Sometimes Halloween yard decorations can be subtle but still make a statement. I love this fun little garden flag that alerts the world to your true nature.

(Who doesn’t claim a little witch heritage at Halloween?) Whether you place this by your front doorstep or place it boldly at the end of the driveway, everyone will know you are someone who fully embraces this favorite October holiday.

Click Here to welcome your neighboring witches and add this to your Halloween yard decorations.

Go Ahead, Embrace Halloween and Decorate!

After reading about all these fun Halloween yard decorations, I know you’re inspired to make your home the envy of the neighborhood. Jump in and have some fun this fall expanding your Halloween spirit in new directions.

Embrace your inner witch, and celebrate but don’t wait to select your new treasures as these cool decorations are selling fast. Buy before they run out!

And don’t forget about those Superhero Costumes.  They’re fun!

Top 7 Superhero Costumes

Fall is just around the corner, so you know what that means? Halloween is almost here! What to wear…what to wear..I’ll need a costume for the Halloween festivities. How about a superhero costume?

I want to be creative and unique, but I don’t have a lot of time. If only I could rewind to the days when there was time to make costumes at home. 

Halloween events and costumes have become popular in recent years. Most large cities have a zombie pub crawl. Many employers authorize costumes at work on Halloween.

DC Comic and Marvel movies have created a superherohype at the box office. Superhuman abilities with amazing outfits, so superhero costumes are trending, because…well frankly, who wouldn’t want to wear those awesome outfits!  

This review is about superhero costumes, but if you want to see some killer halloween yard decorations, this link will bring you to some new and trendy decorations for Halloween.  7 Fun Halloween Yard Decorations

The Origin of Halloween

Where did the tradition of wearing costumes on Halloween originate? Halloween started as the festival of Samhain (pronounced sah-win – meaning “summer’s end), an ancient Celtic tradition in Europe held around November 1st each year.

According to folklorist John Santino, the Celts thought the barrier between the spirit world and our human word was thin. It was the most significant festival of the year, not only a time to commune with the dead but the end of harvest…a time to gather resources and prepare for winter. During the festival, all manner of beings were out and about, including witches, ghosts, and goblins.

These customs came to America with Irish immigrants in the early 19th century. The traditions evolved over time for a variety of reasons. The costumes have changed as well to include choices that are not so dark. Halloween is the antithesis of normal everyday life. Freedom of expression prevails. You can be whatever you want to be. How very fun is that?

With Halloween just weeks away, there are going to be parties and events that require a costume. To make your search more manageable, and of course more exciting, I’ve researched and reviewed my seven favorite superhero costumes for women.

Dreamgirl’s Frisky Catwoman Costume

Catwoman is a badass, and sexy as all get out. She can prowl and howl at will. This body-hugging black bodysuit has an attached tail with strategically placed detailing to make it interesting. The belt, headpiece, and mask are included, but not the whip or jewelry, so be sure to pick up the accessories while you are online.

Click Here to have some frisky feline fun in this smokin’ hot Catwoman Costume.

Marvel’s Anti-hero Deadpool Costume

This sassy Deadpool costume is a sexy twist on the fun Marvel anti-hero. The polyester and spandex outfit is a form-fitting jumpsuit that comes with a belt and mask. Sizes are different than regular clothing so be sure to check the Secret wishes size chart to select what size works best for you.

Click Here to see see the wickedly playful, officially licensed Deadpool costume!

Secret Wishes Green Lantern Costume

Rubie’s Costume Company has over 60 years of making your fantasies come to life. This sexy green lantern costume adds a touch of sexy to the superhero costume. The polyester and spandex jumpsuit includes an eye mask and ring. The boots do not come with the outfit, but accessories are also available for separate purchase.

Click Here to check out this rockin’ Green Lantern superhero costume.

Disney’s Mrs. Incredible Costume

Mrs. Incredible is incredible! She is ready for anything is this red and black jumpsuit. No mission is impossible. The officially licensed form-fitting superhero costume includes a pair of black gloves and an eye mask. If you need this event to be a family affair, the matching Mr. Incredible and the Incredible kid costumes are also available.

Click Here to check out the very flexible and exciting Mrs. Incredible costume.

Rubie’s Supergirl Costume

Who can resist the mix of sexy and sweet in Supergirl, Superman’s adoring cousin? It’s a bird…It’s a plane…wait..wait..No! It’s Supergirl! This polyester superhero costume is beautiful including the belt and cape. Boots are not included, but accessories are also available for separate purchase.  

Click Here for Rubie’s Supergirl costume. This Halloween go in style!

DC Comics Batgirl Superhero Costume

Batgirl is really something else. She stops criminals without batting an eye! This deluxe DC Comics superhero costume includes the black mini dress with a yellow bat logo on the front, a black cape, glovettes, black eye mask, yellow vinyl belt, black boot tops, and armbands. This kit has everything included, no accessory shopping here.

Click Here to see what easily could be the winning costume this year!

DC Comics Wonder Woman Costume

Wonder Woman is one of history’s iconic female superheroes. This classy take on Wonder Woman is a sexy corset style with cups that tend to run on the smaller side, so if you have larger than average breasts, you may have trouble with this costume. However, in the reviews, you’ll see that many gals found an acceptable workaround to this problem.

Click Here to view the DC Comics Wonder Woman superhero costume. If you are interested in completing the ensemble, pick up a rope for the full Wonder Woman effect. The costume comes with corset and skirt, cape, gauntlets, belt, and headpiece.

What to Wear for Halloween This Year?

The hunt is over. You can rest assured, these seven superhero costumes are all rated above four stars. Be a wonderfully sexy, totally capable, villain stopping, female superhero this Halloween. You will be a hit at any party or event where costumes are a must. Many of the outfits have a complimenting male costume if you are going as a couple, and even matching kid costumes if the event is a family affair.

Just a short reminder that not all desired accessories are included in the costume kits, but are typically available for purchase if you want to supplement your superhero costume. Measurement groups typically divide the size charts, so to ensure the costume fits properly, get out your tape measure just to be sure.

Above all, have a blast this Halloween and get yourself into the superhero persona you have secretly wanted to be! While you are at it, check out 7 Fun Halloween Yard Decorations and get your home in the spirit too!

How To Get Baby Soft Feet? BEA LUZ Exfoliating Foot Mask Review

It’s 10 pm on a Saturday night, the neighborhood around me is buzzing with friends, fireworks, and a few drinks.

Meanwhile, I’m in the house watching Duck Duck Goose on Netflix and pushing my not-so-convinced boyfriend to help me in my search of how to get baby soft feet by trying out a foot peel with me.

Reluctantly, my boyfriend finally agreed to do a foot peel. Let me stress to you, he was not at all enthused, but I insisted that his feet needed some help.

Not only that but his feet look worse than mine so I felt we would get a better visual of the results with his feet(which I later forgot to take pictures of anyway *facepalm).

How to Get Baby Soft Feet

So- I started by searching for the best foot peels the web has to offer. After browsing through what felt like thousands of reviews, I found BEA LUZ Exfoliating Foot Mask.

BEA LUZ Exfoliating Foot Mask

I couldn’t get over the disgusting yet intriguing images of chunks of skin peeling off of other people’s feet. GROSS!

At the same moment, I know that exfoliation and peeling is getting rid of dead dried out skin, and it is good for you.

That must be the answer to the question that had tormented me for so long. How to get baby soft feet? So I had to try this.

BEA LUZ Exfoliating Foot Mask

After scavenging all of the dark corners of the internet, I found BEA LUZ Exfoliating Foot Mask.

The reason I decided on this one is that it was in the middle. It wasn’t the most expensive, nor was it the cheapest.

Of course, I ordered the two pack so my reluctant boyfriend could participate as well.

Applying the foot peel

The instructions on the box made it seem pretty self-explanatory. We made sure our feet were clean and dry.

BEA LUZ Exfoliating Foot Mask Back of Box1

Taking the peels out of the box. Nothing too scary just yet. The pairs of booties come in sealed foil packets with the instructions on them.

The booties come in pairs that you have to cut apart. Basically, you unfold them, and they look like butterflies, and you separate them. No problem.

BEA LUZ Exfoliating Foot Mask

The confusing part for me was that the instructions on the packets the booties come in said something about peeling a red film from inside of the booties. I never found such a film. Whatever.

I later concluded that the so-called red film they are talking about in the instructions is just the backing on the stickers that you use to seal the booties on your feet. They didn’t make that very clear on the instructions, and the backing on my stickers was not red.

Now we have our feet wrapped up, so we chose to sit on the couch and watch the movie. My boyfriend just wrapped his feet with the booties, and I put socks over mine.

BEA LUZ Exfoliating Foot Mask

The instructions say to leave the mask on for 90-120 minutes. My boyfriend chose 90 minutes, and I opted to do the 120 minutes. Might as well get the full effect right?

After relaxing and watching our movie, we removed the mask and rinsed off our feet.

Everything I have read online said the results would be best if you soak your feet daily after doing the mask. I followed this recommendation, but my boyfriend did not.

Neither of us noticed anything out of the ordinary with our feet for the first few days after applying the foot mask. By day 3 I was starting to get concerned that it hadn’t worked.

Low and behold, that evening when I took my socks off after getting home from work, my feet were starting to peel. It wasn’t crazy peeling like I had seen on some of the reviews throughout my vast internet scouring, but it was something.

BEA LUZ Exfoliating Foot Mask

I continued to soak daily, and my feet continued to peel. It reminds me of the peeling you get after a minor sunburn.

Day 5: My feet have begun peeling more rapidly, and my boyfriend’s feet are just now beginning to peel. While my feet are at the peak of their peeling, his are finally to the stage I was at on day 3.

BEA LUZ Exfoliating Foot Mask

Although it was incredibly disgusting having peeling chunks of skin coming off in my socks, I was excited that something was happening and couldn’t wait till it was over to see the final results.

Both of our feet peeled consistently for about five days a piece. The peeling was not the extravagant thick layers of skin that some people boasted about in their reviews, but it was successful.

After all of the peeling was finished, both of our feet were much softer, and we were satisfied with the results, regardless of the disgusting peeling process.BEA LUZ Exfoliating Foot Mask

Overall Conclusion: How To Get Baby Soft Feet?

Overall I am happy with the results of the peel on my feet as well as my boyfriend’s feet. His feet were dry and had visible cracks before the peel. I had dry feet as well, but they showed much less damage.

After the BEA LUZ Exfoliating Foot Mask, we both have softer feet. Is it the best foot peel on the market? I can’t answer that until I compare it to others, but I would absolutely recommend this foot peel if you have issues with dry, cracking, or callused feet.

Click here to find the BEA LUZ Exfoliating Foot Mask.

Through my experience there a few factors that I feel compelled to share.

Soaking my feet seemed to speed up the peeling process for sure.  Whether or not it actually impacted my results versus my boyfriend who did not soak his feet is debatable. Although my feet seemed to peel sooner, his feet did peel as well and just as much.

Soaking Feet

There is a lot of peeling yes, but I did not experience huge thick chunks of skin peeling off. My experience was much milder as I mentioned before, thin skin pieces peeling off my feet as if I had had a sunburn.

Honestly, I think the best results will come with continued use and doing the foot peels regularly. Get on the road to baby soft feet by using the peel monthly. Find your BEA LUZ Exfoliating Foot Mask here and save it to your favorites so you can get the final answer to the ultimate question: How to get baby soft feet?

Silicone Rings For Active People

What? Silicone rings? Why would I want to wear a silicone ring instead of my beautiful, expensive wedding band? That’s just crazy talk! I’m here to tell you…there are many reasons why, with the first and foremost being safety…finger safety. Does that sound dramatic? It IS dramatic!

How many people do you know who have had their finger swell so much they had to have their ring cut off? Sometimes it’s due to an accident, and sometimes it’s from too much Pad Thai over the weekend. Either way, you can’t get that ring off. It can be painful and dangerous! Sometimes cutting the ring off is the only way to save the finger.

Why Buy Silicone Rings?

Silicone rings have become a recent trend for people who live an active lifestyle. These rings are a safe alternative to your traditional wedding bands. Silicone rings are comfortable, attractive, and designed to break away if caught on something that won’t give. There is not a ring on the planet that is worth losing a finger over!


People who participate in activities that could damage the ring, or injure their finger are prone to leaving the ring at home. Many people work in industries that are not conducive to wearing jewelry.


For example, firefighters, airplane mechanics, professional athletes, police, military… these fields and many more can put your ringed fingers at risk. People in these fields are prime candidates to wear silicone rings.


Water Diving

 Many people don’t wear their expensive jewelry when they are on vacation. The risk of having jewelry lost or stolen is not worth it. Scuba diving, zip lining, deep sea fishing…all things where you could lose a ring, or have an injury. Silicone rings are a great alternative to wear while keeping your “real” rings in the safe at home.



Active lifestyles such as CrossFit, weightlifting, basketball, rock-climbing…all activities that can not only damage your ring, but put you at risk for losing a finger. Dunking a basketball or hopping over a fence have both been known to separate a finger from the hand. This injury is called ring avulsion, or degloving.

Rock Climbing

Ring Avulsion

What exactly is ring avulsion? Ring avulsion occurs when you catch your ring on something as you fall or jump. Violently torn off your finger, the ring takes the flesh, muscle, and tendons with it. Ouch! Ortho Bullets, a physician learning community, goes into quite a bit of detail on the subject but be warned, the pictures are graphic and pretty disturbing.


also discusses the phenomenon. They make a point of saying this injury can happen to anyone, not just those in high-risk careers. I mean, if it can happen to Jimmy Fallon in his own kitchen, it can happen to anyone. Jimmy tripped on a braided rug in his kitchen, caught his wedding ring on the edge of a table while he was falling, and nearly lost his finger. In this YouTube video Jimmy Fallon tells his story.

The University of Utah HealthFeed discusses what happened to Jimmy Fallon’s finger. “The ring ends up pulling the skin off,” says Douglas Hutchinson, M.D., a hand and microvascular surgeon with University of Utah Health Care. “Then it pulls the arteries, tendons and bones. It’s not a clean cut at all, which makes it very difficult to fix.“ He goes on to say that most of these injuries cannot be fixed. They end up cutting the finger off.

Ring Avulsion Prevention

Silicone rings are made to break away if they get caught on something. The silicone ring will break, not your finger. The rings are affordable, so if you break it, it’s easy to replace. They also come in matching sets if you and your partner want rings alike. You can buy them in sets that have several colors to match your outfit, or even stackable for a different look.

With that said, I have done a thorough review of just some of the silicone rings on the market. I have interviewed people that wear them, as well as researched feedback from buyers. Below are the best of the batch.

Groove Life

Groove Life

This collection of silicone rings is my favorite of the choices. Although the most expensive, it is the best quality AND comes with a 94-year unlimited warranty! Outdoor enthusiasts including rock-climbers, have put this ring to the test and give it two thumbs up. It’s unique design with grooves on the inside allow a bit of airflow between your finger and the band.


This ring is made from soft silicone material on the outside, and a little bit sturdier on the inside making it feel like a traditional ring. It’s comfortable to wear and durable enough for everyday use. Comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate women or men, and a variety of colors.

Rock Climbing

These rings tend to sell fast, and some sizes are not available in certain colors. But check back often if you don’t find your size and color combination right away, as they restock regularly. Click Here to see the options available today.


Safe Ringz

SafeRingz, the original silicone rings, are specifically designed to break away if under a specific pressure. This is to prevent ring avulsion that we discussed earlier. What I really like about these particular bands is that they actually look like traditional wedding rings. For the couple that really wants to honor their commitment with the wearing of a ring, this is a suitable substitute and will keep their finger safe.

Hand & Rings

One cool aspect of this company is that they donate a portion of their proceeds to the troops. They send free rings to the men and women protecting our country, keeping their fingers safe as well!

Medical grade, heat resistant, non-conductive… how can you go wrong?  Click Here to check out SafeRingz today.



This set of rings, designed for women and men, is made from a high-performance silicone that is both attractive as well as comfortable to wear. It is also one of the styles available that are available in natural metal tones. The metal tones are so realistic looking people will think it is actually a wedding band!


ThunderFit rings are hypoallergenic and non-toxic, made from top-grade silicone. Perfect to wear anytime you are working in the yard, working out, or any physical activity. Keeps your “real” rings from wear and tear, while keeping your fingers safe from injury.

Click Here to check out the choices available from ThunderFit.

Enso Pyramid Stackables

Enso Pyramid Stackables

Enso Stackable silicone rings are one of the few styles of rings for women that are surprisingly fashionable. You can mix and match these to get whatever look you are going for. They are low-profile and narrow so wearing two or three of them together does not feel bulky at all. Instead of a smooth surface, there is an attractive pyramid design that may be more appealing than some of the more basic models.

Enso Pyramid Stackables

Once again…hypoallergenic, medical grade. You can do anything with these rings on! Never again will you need to remove your rings before an activity and accidentally misplace them. The “real” expensive wedding rings are safely tucked away at home. You can keep your rings in pristine condition to take out for special occasions knowing you have a great alternative to wear instead.

With a Lifetime Quality Guarantee you have the assurance that if it breaks, they will send you a replacement. Click Here to buy yours now!



Saco silicone rings are produced specifically for men and have a variety of trendy colors including bronze, gunmetal gray, two shades of blue, white, and even camouflage! They also have the metal look that so many folks have been looking for. You can buy a single band, or in a pack of seven different colors giving you a variety of choices.

silicone ring on guys hand

One woman said that after 20+ years of marriage her husband was never able to wear a ring because of his work. Then they found these Saco silicone rings and now he proudly wears his Saco ring without fear of an injury.

The matte finish in the center and high shine on the outer edges gives this ring a little edge over the plain rings. Click Here to check them out!

Are Silicone Rings Right For You?

All-in-all I think these silicone rings are fantastic! Keep your jewelry AND your fingers safe. I spent many years in the military, and most of us were unable to wear a wedding ring due to the hazard. Now I am starting to see some folks wearing these new silicone rings. Most of them say their wives wear them too. Maybe it’s time to consider getting one for yourself, but they also make wonderful gifts.

Chip Clips Galore

My husband is relentless. I was ready to shift gears from reviewing kitchen gadgets and tell you about some outdoor solar lighting I’ve found. However, he’s asked, no begged, that I not quit writing about the kitchen area until I’ve told you about his favorite thing ever……are you ready? The OXO magnetic all-purpose chip clips! I know. Stop laughing. 

Loafing Woman

It is true. If you look at our refrigerator, you’ll see a half dozen of small chip clips holding up the stuff we all keep – reminders of the upcoming vet appointment, works of art, the shopping list of necessities to pick up before your sister comes for the weekend. I’m not even sure why we call these chip clips because they have so many other uses.

The thing is, these chip clips have a magnet in them that holds more than the light bill. Imagine! I get so tired of having things slide slowly down the fridge. Magnets that are twice as big but only hold one drawing are just wrong. These babies are strong and secure. Oxo clips keep the chip bag closed. The spring is adequately strong.

Where do chip clips go? Are they with the stray socks?

But don’t expect them to stay on the fridge or the Fritos. Mysteriously, all my Oxo chip clips migrate to the truck where they hold mail on the visor, secure phone charging cords, and keep insurance and registration papers together. I don’t know why you need chip clips in the garage, but there you have it. Better just get two sets to begin with. Click here to get the medium ones.  

chip Clip

If you get the set of larger chip clips, you’ll find yourself using them to keep cookbooks propped open. Or as an easy organizer for paperwork till bill writing day. That is, if they aren’t out in the garage holding a box lid back, or a trouble light cord.


One might be in your home office with a calendar on your file cabinet. Writing about it has helped me to understand why I must keep buying more chip clips. They seldom make it to the chips at our house. (sigh….) You can get two large red clips here.


Chip Clip Bag Cinch

I think my favorite in the chip clips line up is the OXO bag cinch. Those metal twisties become nasty in no time. My bag cinch keeps bagels and bread bags tight and secure, reducing food waste. These clips are so easy to use because all you do is push the spring loaded end in, and pop it over the twirl of plastic where the nasty twist tie would have been. No more dried out bread getting tossed out.

Yup, I’m guilty. I hate the metal twisties so much I twirl the bag, spinning the bagels around and around. I assume the plastic is going to stay tight….that somehow, it’s going to stay that way, but it never does.  But now the is problem solved. And kinda cute, too! I think I might need another bag cinch or two.

Chip Clip

You might want to consider getting the 20 piece value set. It comes with six bag cinches, two large red, and 12 all-purpose clips. A set like this would get you about everything you need, or at least off to a good start.

The 20 piece value set would make a great housewarming gift too. You can pick them up here.  

For that matter, if your daughter or son is away at college, a set of these would be a fantastic idea! You know there are “occasionally” chips involved in those late night study sessions, but it’s expensive to keep tossing stale ones away.  Bingo!

The rubber on the end of these pieces is what separates them from the rest. Things do stay secure. I’ve tried just about every kind of clip out there and thrown out more than I care to admit to because they are inadequate…

A different style of Chip Clips – Gripstic


There’s one other kind of closure that’s pretty impressive, especially for larger bags. It’s Gripstic. Entirely different in design from a clip style closure, these plastic rods secure over your bag, but they don’t take up much room in the drawer between uses – they are about the size of a straw. The Wire Cutter, A New York Times Company, chose the Gripstic as their favorite for its longevity in keeping foods fresh.

I’ve used the extra-large size on larger bags, like sacks of dog food. I got the Gripstic initially because I needed a secure plastic tub for Molly’s kibble but couldn’t find the one I wanted. I thought these Gripstic rods might make do till I found the container. And I’ve been happy with them. No worries about her food getting stale since we buy it in larger bags, and the bag has so far, always remained secure!

Other Uses For Gripstic?


Since then, I’ve started using Gripstics on bags of sugar, flour, flaked coconut, and other baking products, as well as cereal and family size bags of chips. No moisture with these on duty. They did take a bit to get the hang of because the rod is covering the width of the entire bag rather than just keeping it closed, clip style.

I discovered that it worked better for me to pull the Gripstic on rather than try to push. And the slide style closure works best if you fold the lid over, making a lip or a fold. Then the slide will have a guide. You can pick up a set by clicking here.  

Chip Clip

Of course, if all you are looking for is cute magnetic paper holders, there’s always Animal Clips. Each package has a set of 3 animals. Monkey, hippo, giraffe, or, cat, cow, and pig. There’s also, elephant, tiger, and bear.

These are the kind of clips that are fun to have for a quick “giggle gift” for the farm or wild animal enthusiast. They are also a big hit with the younger set. Expect them to come flying off the chip bags and into the hands of small ones as they become instant puppets. The actual clip is not deep, so only tiny bags or piles of paper, please. For animal fun, click here.

These are fun, but if you are looking for a chip clip to keep your kitchen safer and fresher, I’d go with the Oxo or the Gripstic.

Blonde Shampoo: 3 Best Toning Shampoos and Tips How To Use Them

So you want to be platinum blonde? You and virtually the rest of the blonde world honey (myself included). So I’m here to give you a list of Blonde Shampoos that will help you achieve that result and some tips on how I like to use them.

Let’s get real for a second…

If you have dark or black hair and you plan to get it bleached, it will turn bright orange or yellow first. Trying to be platinum overnight is not realistic, and there is not a bottle of shampoo that will magically get you there. I must add, few cosmetologists will be able to accomplish this either…

I’m not trying to be a crusher of hopes and dreams. I’m just realistic.

Harry Potter Blonde Meme

The best option to get the blonde you want is genuinely to trust your hair stylist when he or she tells you that it is a process.

Believe in that process.

I swear to you if we could have a magic wand as stylists and make you blonde immediately without damaging your hair, trust me, we would.

Being a platinum blonde is not easy. Whether it is spending hours in the salon over the course of many appointments, caring for it, or maintaining it, it is a commitment and a challenge.

When you finally achieve that Gwen Stefani platinum blonde, you NEED to know how to maintain it.

1That’s why I came up with this list of my favorite blonde shampoos that will help keep your hair that iconic shade of silvery white. From my experience as a stylist, these three shampoos are the best for achieving your desired tone and maintaining it. You can get any of these shampoos from the links I have included throughout the article.

Without further ado…

3 Best Blonde Shampoos

1. Matrix Brass Off

Matrix Brass Off

Blue Shampoo is the brute force when it comes to stubborn tones in your hair.

The bottle has directions that recommend it for brunettes who want to eliminate brassy tones. It works.

Now, to go one step further, I use this shampoo on my blonde. I have platinum ends but rusty water; the strength of the blue keeps my hair from turning gold.

So- if you are already blonde and don’t have rusty water, I would recommend a purple shampoo; but if you are in the process of going blonde and have icky warm tones or rusty water I highly recommend the Matrix Brass Off.

2. Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo

Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo

As far as purple shampoos go, Joico is the best from my experience.

It is the least drying to use as frequently as necessary and keeps the yellow tones at bay.

Keep in mind, to get the platinum results from a purple shampoo; you have to have damn near no yellow in your hair otherwise the shampoo may not be strong enough (you may want to consider having your stylist tone your hair first, then using the shampoo for maintenance).

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t use it if your hair looks too yellow, because you absolutely should, it just may take a few more shampoos to get the desired result (or see my tips about applying it to dry hair).

3. AG Sterling Silver Toning Shampoo

AG Sterling Silver Shampoo

AG is known for their naturally derived product line.

If you have any skin sensitivities, this is a great option.

The Sterling Silver Toning Shampoo is no exception. This shampoo is free of salt, paba, parabens, and DEA (chemicals that help thicken shampoo and make it lather). None of these are vital for the shampoo to work.

Most people feel that the more soap bubbles you have, the cleaner you get.

Sorry to burst your bubble, not true. You can use AG Sterling Silver more frequently since it’s less drying than most purple shampoos.

Now that you have a general knowledge of the best blonde shampoos, pick out the one you think will work best for you, and I will help you figure out the best way to use it.

7 Tips: How to use your new Blonde Shampoo

You can use your new shampoo however you would like, but these are my tips as a cosmetologist on how to use them.

While all of these shampoos are great options for maintaining blonde, I have a few pointers on the best ways to use them to ensure optimal results.

1. Always remember, it is NOT necessary to use these every single time you shampoo your hair.

Depending on the quality of your water, you can use it more or less, but still, not every time. (For example, I have water that is jam-packed with minerals and some rust, so I use Matrix Brass Off every other shampoo.)

2. If you have crappy water that seems to turn your hair gold no matter what you do (I think this is usually more of a midwestern thing…), like me, you can use the Brass Off Shampoo as frequently as every other shampoo.

3. If you have water that doesn’t affect the tone of your hair much, the purple shampoo of your choice will do the trick for you, and you can use about once a week.

4. I promise there is a reason I tell you not to use these shampoos every day. If you do, they can dry out your hair.

5. If you insist on using one every time you shampoo, I highly recommend that you mix it in equal parts with another shampoo, such as moisturizing or daily shampoos.

6. Matrix Brass Off is an excellent option for brunettes as well. Anyone who wants to avoid gold tones can use the brass off to keep the cool tone in hair.

7. When my hair is super warm or dull, and I want to brighten it up, I apply the shampoo on dry hair.

I mist my hair with a water bottle and apply the toning shampoo of choice (when I do this I use Joico Color Balance Purple) and let it sit for 10-15 minutes before I get in the shower. When I say mist, I mean I barely get my hair damp. This seems to give it an extra boost.

My Final Thoughts

Overall, I highly recommend getting a toning shampoo if you want to be platinum or just a cool color in general.

Without the right shampoo, you can get warm tones in your hair or dullness, which honestly, no one wants to deal with.

So if you want to be blonde like me, grab yourself one of these shampoos by using the links throughout the article!

Top Gadgets for your Retro Kitchen

According to kitchen trend experts in real estate the newest kitchen trends will continue to add more color to our lives. Good news for those of us who have fallen in love with retro kitchen appliances and decor!

When I think about kitchen appliances, I usually think about the big ones; the fridges, the stoves, even microwaves. It’s easy to forget that you can move towards a retro kitchen look with your choices of small kitchen appliances. Let’s look at a few fun kitchen gadgets that can spice up that retro look and be fun too!

Nostalgia 6-Quart Electric Ice Cream Maker

ICE Cream Maker

Did you have an ice cream maker when you were a kid? My family didn’t, but my best friend Liz did…well, her grandpa did. Every once in a while I’d be at her house when that creamy goodness would be coming out of the freezer. My mouth still waters when I think about Grandpa Joe and his “chocolate chocolate” ice cream.

Well, those memories seem like yesterday when you use the Nostalgia 6 quart Wood Bucket Ice Cream Maker at home. I’m not kidding. It performs as promised. Any ice cream maker this cute is going to fit into your retro kitchen easily. But it won’t feel like “the old days” when you realize that the powerful motor does all the work for you. No more sore, tired arms from taking your turn at the handle.

If you’ve chilled down the ice cream base in the freezer the night before, you’ll be able to have homemade ice cream in less than ½ hour. I think this is one that you might want just for the fun factor. Click Here to invigorate the next family party.

chocolate ICE Cream

There’s a nifty little starter kit you might want to pick up. It contains everything you need to get going, and if you’re new to ice cream making, it will feel great to have your first experience be a success, right?

Nostalgia ICE Cream

The starter kit contains one chocolate and one vanilla mix, 4 pounds of rock salt, and the instructions – make sure you have milk and heavy cream on hand, but that’s all you need to add to the mix. Click Here to pick up your starter kit.

Russell Hobbs Retro Style 2-Slice Toaster


Some people are going to want this little number because it’s such a beautiful shade of red. Others will like that it adds just a splash of that retro kitchen look without having to buy all new large appliances. Everyone’s going to love the warmer basket on top of the toaster so that you can FINALLY warm up a pastry or dinner roll without having to use the microwave! Remove the rack for regular toasting.

If you’re trying to add a bit of retro to your kitchen, this appliance is probably worth investing in, because it looks pretty cool on your countertop….oh, and the toaster also comes in black. My friend Kalli sent this one with her daughter to college. It was a hit!  Click Here if you’re ready to bring this home.

Vintage Gas Station Salt and Pepper Shaker Set for your Retro Kitchen

Salt and Pepper Shaker

This fun little set would be an excellent gift for someone even if they don’t have a retro kitchen. Your classic car loving husband would probably love to have this out on the patio. And everyone has a friend who collects fun salt-n-pepper sets…this would be a fantastic addition. I like the glass salt and pepper shakers. They feel just like the ones Grandma had out at the cabin. ClickHere.   

Retro Canister Set

Retro Canister Set

Another item in the retro kitchen decor line that I like is the Retro Canister Set. Each of these is air-tight and holds two cups. PLEASE NOTE only 2 cups. They are not counter canister set that you imagine. They would, however, be cute for beverage condiments. If you had a coffee/tea beverage area in your home, these would work well and look adorable. I can imagine putting them in an art studio or guest room too. The canister lids come in aqua, blueberry, and red. Ready to add this for a gift?  Click Here

KitchenAid 1800 Watt Countertop Convection Oven


I bought my countertop convection oven in stainless steel two years ago. But now, with retro kitchens becoming even more popular, it’s coming out in multiple colors that will blend in at whatever level of retro you want to achieve. Even yellow! I chose stainless because I wanted a convection oven IMMEDIATELY, and at the time, I didn’t know much about our new kitchen. This one has not let me down. I’d choose it again in a heartbeat.

The old style toaster ovens could never do real baking, or toasting, for that matter. (Think burnt pop-tarts when you were in jr. high, or the one-sided toast/bread your mother tried to pass off at breakfast).

But my KitchenAid bakes my dense banana bread recipe as thoroughly as my large oven does; all without heating up the kitchen or using so much energy. The heat distributes evenly throughout the toaster unit. That’s not true of all toaster/convection ovens, but this one does the job.

It’s a breeze to clean. The tray easily wipes clean, although I do like to use an oven liner. I literally can go months without turning the large oven on because the KitchenAid Convection oven is large enough for a 12-inch pizza and strong enough to do a great job.


I’ve used it for baking fish and chicken as well. It handles high temperatures evenly. When you’re ready to get serious about your countertop cooking, Click Here so you can buy one of the best.

Russell Hobbs Retro Style Coffee Maker

Coffee Maker

I’ve become a fan of the 10-cup coffee maker. And, it turns out that Russell Hobbs makes a retro coffee maker that’s ideal. It has an old gas gage style window showing the brewing progress. The showerhead for dispensing water over the grounds works very well. Much better than in my old pot where it seemed my spray arm often pulled the filter over into the ground basket. YUCK! (Hate those coffee ground disasters!)

There are lots of other retro coffee makers out there, but this is one of the few that has that beautiful round edge.  Almost everything else is square. You know it’s just too fun to have this coffee maker, at least in your office, or out at the cabin.  Click Here to pick it up.

Well, there’s a lot of “retro” to think about here. If you are looking to add a bit of old school twist to your kitchen, I hope you’ve found something here to drool over.  

Reusable Straw – Do You Have Your Own?

What is 2018’s cause of the year? You guessed it…the ban on single-use straws. The American population goes through an estimated 500 million disposable straws every day without a thought about where they will end up. Our landfills are bursting at the seams with these disposable plastic straws. It’s time to join the movement and invest in your very own reusable straw.

Origins of the Straw Ban

Major companies are jumping on the “straw ban” bandwagon including Starbucks, American Airlines, and the Hyatt. These companies and others are all phasing out the use of disposable plastic straws.

Straw Ban

Seattle was the 1st big city to ban disposable straws. As people are becoming more aware of the impact using disposable straws has on the environment, more and more cities, companies, and individuals are doing their part by owning their own personal, reusable straw.

The Turtle & The Straw

A few years back, Christine Figgener, a marine biologist, videotaped a sea turtle with a plastic straw embedded in its nose.

Although at the time she had no idea how this video would energize the environmental movement to reduce plastic straws in the oceans, she is happy to have been a catalyst for change. You can view the article at Time.com.

National Geographic put out an article this year that describes eight million tons of plastic ending up in the ocean every year. California was the 1st state to ban disposable plastic bags to help with the plastic problem. Several other countries have joined the cause including China, Kenya, France, and others. Rhode Island has banned releasing balloons during celebrations, and San Francisco has banned polystyrene. The movement is gaining momentum!

Sea Hours

With all the recent press and information available to you regarding the damage caused by plastic, doesn’t it make sense that we each do our part in reducing the human footprint on the earth? One small step taken on the part of many can be the change that we need.

Top 7 Reusable Straw Sets

With that said, I went in search of my very own reusable straw. There are so many choices! A few clear favorites rose to the top, and as a result I’m sharing a review of my favorites. Each one is different with unique features. Take a few minutes to find one that suits your needs and click the link to purchase.

PYRAWS Healthy Glass Reusable Straw Set

PYRAWS Healthy Glass Reusable Straw Set

These environmentally friendly glass straws are fantastic! They are excellent for hot or cold drinks because the borosilicate glass is heat resistant. It’s also BPA free and non-toxic. The set comes with a convenient carrying case to store your straws. Toss in your bag, keeping it clean, your straws clean and accessible when you need it. The set comes with two straws, one straight and one bent.


Why wait, Click Here to buy your glass straw set now!

Ecotribe Eco-Friendly Reusable Stainless Steel Straw with Wooden Travel Case

Stainless Steel Straw

Designed for easy travel, this set of 4 stainless steel straws comes with two beautifully crafted, wooden beechwood storage cases. Each case fits one straw and one cleaning brush. The extra straws can be stored in the drawstring calico fabric bag until you are ready to use them.

Stainless Steel Straw

These stainless steel straws allow you to be conscious of the environment while also enjoying a finely crafted product.

Click Here to do your part eliminating disposable straws!

Earthly Refreshments Durable Silicone Straws

Earthly Refreshments Durable Silicone Straws

This set of six multi-colored silicone straws are durable BPA free, and FDA approved. One of my favorite things about this set is, the straws are EXTRA LONG-a full 10 inches, built for the 20/30 ounce tumbler cups. The set also comes with a black storage pouch and cleaning brush to keep your straws clean while they are in your bag.  

Earthly Refreshments Durable Silicone Straws

Click Here to buy your very own colorful silicone straw set.

Rucacio Foldable Stainless Steel Straw with Case and Brush

Rucacio Foldable Stainless Steel Straw with Case and Brush

This little collapsable straw is sweet! Imagine, a straw made from medical or food grade stainless steel. It collapses into a small hard side carrying case only a few inches high, hardly taking up any room in your bag at all. In case you don’t want to have to dig for it, there is a handy strap you can use to tie wherever you want to keep it, say a belt loop or a bag strap. The set also comes with a convenient cleaning squeegee.

Rucacio is committed to finding the best solution to tackle the problem of plastic pollution.

Click Here to do your part and buy this foldable steel straw set today!

Mutnitt Reusable Stainless Straws with Silicone Tips

Mutnitt Reusable Stainless Straws

This FDA approved reusable straw set is so unique due to the fact that they are metal AND silicone. Six straight metal, six curved metal, multi-colored silicone tips, three cleaning brushes, and a velvet carrying bag. The colorful silicone tips protect your teeth from the metal straws and protect your lips from hot drinks. One of the best things about this reusable straw set is there are 12 unique reusable straws in the set, therefore you can share with friends or family, and everyone will know which drink is their own.

Mutnitt Reusable Stainless Straws

Don’t wait! Click Here to buy this amazing 16 piece set today!

Ecoladder Reusable Straws with Rosewood Case

Ecoladder Reusable Straws with Rosewood Case

This simple metal reusable straw set is very classy with a natural rosewood handcrafted carrying case. The set comes with two rosewood cases, each holding one straw and one cleaning brush, keeping your straws clean and handy. Anytime you need a straw, pull out this classy looking set and be the envy of others at your table.

Click Here to buy this stunning rosewood straw set today!

Reusable Straw – Transparent Plastic Straws with Cleaning Brushes

Transparent Plastic Straws with Cleaning Brushes

This particular reusable straw set is available in transparent hard plastic, multi-colored hard plastic, and multi-colored metal straws. The hard plastic straws fit the Yeti tumbler and lid perfectly. The set comes with six straws of your choice and two cleaning brushes.

Transparent Plastic Straws with Cleaning Brushes

Click Here to buy your set of six straws today!

Do Your Part to Save the Oceans and Landfills

There is such a wide reusable straw selection available that you are bound to find a set that fits perfectly into your lifestyle. You should never need to use a disposable straw again! In buying a reusable straw today, you are doing your part to reduce the amount of disposable plastic filling the landfills and the oceans. Thank you for doing your part.


5 Best Instant Pot Accessories You’ll Love

Everyone loves accessories, whether it’s jewelry for outfits or Instant Pot accessories.

Remember the hours you spent playing with mom’s or grandma’s special jewelry box? The one set aside just for you to be able to root around in so you could choose your favorite necklaces and bracelets to wear?

The best part of playing dress up as a kid was choosing the right accessories. Creating different combinations, and enjoying the different ways an outfit looked by the accessories we picked.  Honestly, it’s not always that different as an adult.

But now, not only in our daily apparel do we accessorize, we can have fun with our new favorite kitchen appliance and our Instant Pot accessories. Let’s take a peek at five enhancing add-ons that will bring your Instant Pot cooking to the next level.

My favorite Instant Pot Accessories:

1. Aozita Beer Can Chicken Holder

Yep, that’s right, those tender, mouthwatering, beer can (or coke can) chickens can be prepared in your instant pot much faster than on the grill or the oven. And your house won’t heat up from baking; a real plus during the hot summer months, or when you already have the stove full with other menu items.  

Aozita Beer Can Chicken Holder

The Aozita Beer Can Holder is durable stainless steel and strong enough to be used safely in your instant pot, your grill, the oven, and can safely go in the dishwasher at cleanup time.

If you have the 8-quart instant pot, you’ll be fine with this rack. If you have a 6-quart pot, be sure to choose a smaller chicken; about a 4-pound chicken or Cornish game hen would work best.

And though it’s called “Beer Can Chicken,” you can use any canned beverage. Soda works just as well as beer.

I like to rub down the chicken with olive oil, lemon, and give it a healthy covering of pepper. You can use any spice combination you prefer. From experience, I know that more spices are needed in pressure cooking than oven cooking because it’s so fast.

Be sure you’ve washed your chicken, rubbed it down with spices, and then pop that open chicken cavity onto the beverage can.

Aozita Beer Can Chicken Holder

It’s only going to need about 12-15 minutes of cooking time. I like to give it 12 minutes on high pressure and then check it. If the legs aren’t just about ready to fall off, another round of 3 minutes is just fine.  

2. Aozita Stackable Egg Steamer Rack

Mama always said “don’t put your eggs all in one basket,” but I think this time she might approve because another fun accessory is the Aozita Stackable Egg Steamer. At our house, we love hard boiled eggs – cobb salads, egg salad sandwiches, deviled eggs, quick protein snack, and as a fast breakfast food.

Aozita Stackable Egg Steamer Rack

So when I found this egg steamer accessory, I knew I’d make good use of it. Peeling eggs can be frustrating. How often have you tried to peel your hard boiled egg only to have it look like it something pocked it?

No more! Instant pot hard boiled eggs peel easier so that frustration is gone, and vital if you’re making deviled eggs! I love that I can do up to 14 at a time, but if I don’t need that many, I can use the single tray for seven eggs.  

Aozita Stackable Egg Steamer Rack

The process for hard boiled eggs is so easy:

  1. Load up the trays.
  2. Add a cup of water.
  3. Use manual setting on high pressure for 5 minutes
  4. Let it have 5 minutes of natural venting.
  5. Put the eggs in a cold water bath for another 5 min

And that’s it! Off to the fridge. You can peel them right away, and store them in a plastic bag, or leave them as is till you are ready to use.

3. The Original Sturdy Steamer Basket – My favorite Instant Pot Accessory

Many people start out with the trivet that comes with the instant pot and assume that’s all they are going to need to use. And for many dishes, it’s just fine; the trivet is enough.

But before long, you’re going to find that it’s just a bit too hard to keep that stack of baby red potatoes from tumbling over. And it’s not working to stack those fresh green beans on a trivet.

Here’s your answer!  My very favorite Instant Pot accessory by far! The Original Sturdy Steamer Basket works in the 6 or the 8-quart model and, it comes with a silicone handle so removing it from the inner cooking pot is safe and a breeze. (Ugg to homemade foil “slings”)

Steamer Basket

I’ve used the basket for corn on the cob, beans, and new baby potatoes. Cauliflower broccoli carrot mixes are a breeze, and I suspect I’ve only begun to tap the potential of this little beauty.

Once you’ve mastered the first steps of Instant Pot cooking – you know, the easy ones like roast beef or pork chops, you’ll soon be ready for dishes that have a few more ingredients in them – like lasagna – and that’s where my next favorite comes it.

4. Maxrock Stackable Stainless Insert Pans

These Maxrock Stackable Insert Pans will bring the number of meals you make in the instant pot to a whole new level. Now you can finally make lasagna, meatloaf, enchiladas, casseroles, spaghetti, and even desserts. Yes! Think CHEESECAKE.  

Maxrock Stackable Stainless Insert Pans

These little necessities fit in the 6 or 8-quart model so no worries there. Nothing less than food quality stainless steel means that they can be used for food storage and are dishwasher safe, as well. You are cutting down on the number of dirty dishes when you use these insert pans.  

Maxrock Stackable Stainless Insert Pans

5. Spare Sealing Rings

And finally, although not technically an instant pot accessory I suppose, I’d like to remind you to pick up a few extra sealing rings. When I was new to the instant pot world I didn’t give my sealing rings a second thought until I made a wonderful garlic basil pasta sauce for dinner one night. The next day decided to make a cheesecake. I’ll let your imagination fill in my aroma overlap concerns……

Spare Sealing Rings

The easiest thing to do is have a few separate rings. I chose these Spare Sealing Rings because I like the red and blue colors. Now I always swap out my clear ring and use the red one if I’m making a tomato based dish. Easy enough to remember, although I do write “garlic safe” on the gallon size storage bag I use to store the red ring.

So there you have it – 5 new ways to make even more use of your Instant Pot. Why wait? Click on one of the above links and get started with your new cooking adventures today. And if you’ve been waiting, now’s the time to purchase your Instant Pot and you can get cooking too!

Electric Pen

5 Energizing Teas: Blast Past the Afternoon Slump

So long coffee! Coffee has been my go-to drink whenever I need a little boost. I don’t know about you, but sometimes in the afternoon, I need a little extra boost to finish the day with a bang. What’s my solution; my fix for fatigue?? – Energizing Teas!

What’s Great About Energizing Teas?

Tea is a tasty way to energize yourself, morning or afternoon. I find that sugar-packed beverages give me a temporary burst of energy but leave me fading soon after. That sugar rush does not last, and I’ll crash too early. No Good!

Energizing Teas

A quick statement about coffee…A cup or two in the morning tastes great and gets me moving, but after that, I am done with the coffee. No more coffee for me rather, energizing teas have taken the place of afternoon coffee.

The Mayo Clinic says that roughly four cups of coffee a day is an acceptable amount of caffeine… approximately 100 mg per cup. People vary in susceptibility to caffeine, so bear in mind that these numbers from the Mayo clinic are just a guide. When you want to reduce caffeine, try adding energizing teas to your afternoon, due to the fact they use other ingredients to give you that boost.

Lemon Teas

Another Mayo Clinic fact to keep in mind as you gulp down various caffeinated beverages is you are consuming 500-600 mg or more of caffeine a day. As a result, caffeine can lead to insomnia, nervousness, restlessness, irritability, an upset stomach, a fast heartbeat and even muscle tremors.  

Energizing Teas

Energizing Teas Can Improve Your Health

Drinking tea can improve your health due to the fact that there are far fewer side effects than other caffeinated beverages. Today.com lists many different health benefits, but a few of my favorites are:

  • Tea may boost your immune system
  • Many teas have antioxidant properties
  • Tea may reduce bone loss
  • Tea can improve the health of your teeth

Perhaps it’s time to try energizing teas to give you that extra boost. Tea still has caffeine, some more generous than others, but overall, tea does not have as much caffeine as coffee, soda, or energy drinks. Most noteworthy are the other herbal additives that give you energy without the extra caffeine.

Aside from caffeine wielding black, green, oolong, and white teas, there are herbal and other natural supplements added to the blends to pack just the right amount of punch.

Review of Energizing Teas

I have found some new energizing teas that I know you’ll find interesting…and tasty.  Here are five of my favorite energizing teas currently on the market.

Hey Girl Energizing Tea

Hey Girl Energizing Tea

Hey Girl Energizing herbal tea was initially formulated for weight loss because of the metabolizing properties; however, it is the perfect substitute for coffee. It’s packed with 80 mg of caffeine, almost equal to a cup of coffee.  

All Natural Ingredients: Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Guarana Extract, Yerba Maté, Eleuthero Root, Licorice Root, Ginger Root, Lemongrass, Stevia, Orange Peel, Peppermint Leaf.

Tastes excellent and boosts your energy. Nice combination!

Click Here to Buy Hey Girl Energizing Tea

Yogi Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy Tea

Yogi Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy Tea

Yogi Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy Tea is formulated to uplift your spirit. Sometimes my energy level wanes, and I feel just a little down; this tea never fails to lift me back up.  The mood elevating and energizing properties are what put this tea into my TOP 5 energizing teas.

Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy  tea is a delightful blend of Assam Black and Green Maté in combination with Lotus Flower flavor, Tangerine flavor, and Lemon Myrtle for a vivid citrus cup of goodness.

Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy tea is most definitely one of my faves!

Click Here to Buy Yogi Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy Tea

Zest Tea High Octane Earl Grey Tea

Zest Tea High Octane Earl Grey Tea

Oh – there is nothing better than a high-quality Earl Grey tea. Zest Tea has several flavors, but the Earl Grey is fantastic. Zest Tea contains 155 mg of caffeine. That’s even more than a standard cup of coffee!  

It contains high-quality Nilgiri Indian black tea infused with Bergamot essential oil to give it that hint of enticing citrus. This  tea is sure to jump-start your day. Cup after cup, this deliciously invigorating tea can help you feel fully empowered putting your best foot forward.

Click Here to Buy Zest High Octane Earl Grey Tea

Tazo Awake English Breakfast Tea

Tazo Awake English Breakfast Tea

Tazo Awake English Breakfast Tea is a great way to start the morning; it’s charged with the promise to keep you awake throughout the day. English Breakfast Black Tea is an invigorating blend of botanicals, herbs, and spices giving a flavor that’s strong without being acidic. A complex character with unusual combinations of teas collected around the world, and flavors buzzing with energy.

According to Tazo, you don’t just sip their tea – you sip joyfully!

Click Here to Buy Tazo Awake English Breakfast Tea

Republic of Tea – Get Burning

Republic of Tea - Get Burning

Looking for that perfect combination to boost you over that afternoon brick wall? This fiery blend is known to rev up your body’s generator.

Republic of Tea – Get Burning contains an organic green rooibos base, with holy basil, a respected herb used to increase energy and has an amazing resistance to stress. This amazing tea also contains Cordyceps, boosting energy and improving your endurance.

The secret ingredient rounding out this superb blend is a hint of chili peppers. Not too much, just a dash and as a result you’ll get a little extra zip you will come to crave. Get Burning energizing tea will get your motor running!

Click here for Get Burning Tea

Conventional Additives to Enhance Energizing Teas

Conventional Additives to Enhance Energizing Teas

Below is information regarding some of the conventional additives that are ingredients in many energizing teas, consequently giving you that boost without additional caffeine.

GinsengBoth flowers and root are known as adaptogens, meaning they adapt to the needs of your body. Ginseng has been around for thousands of years used mostly to improve overall health. It has been known to increase a person’s sense of well being and enhanced stamina

GuaranaThe berries of this Venezuelan plant has numerous health benefits including fat burning and appetite suppressing. Guarana is even more energizing than caffeine but is released into the body slowly giving sustained energy.

Goji BerriesAre the berries of this Chinese shrub the fountain of Youth? For centuries this super fruit has been consumed with aspirations of a longer life. Some studies claim the juice from Goji berries improves athletic performance, quality of sleep, and promotes weight loss.

CordycepsIn Chinese medicine, cordyceps is used daily to improve health.  Although it has an unusual source, fungus grown on caterpillars, it has been shown to activate immune cells, lower blood sugar, and some people use it to boost energy.

In summary – energizing teas are the perfect way to get yourself moving any time of the day.  

Click on any of the above links to buy the teas. Try it! You might like it!

“There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.” -Henry James, Portrait of a Lady